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Due to their heavy loads, larger size and inability to stop quickly, accidents involving 18-wheelers are devastating to all involved. About 98% of all semi-accidents result in injury or at least one fatality.

Anybody driving down I-20 or any other major thoroughfare in Texas knows just how many semi-trucks are on the road as they are all around us. In fact, there are approximately 15.5 million commercial trucks on the road today. Annually approximately 500,00 accidents involving trucks occur.

Of these some of the leading causes that put the operator of the truck at fault include:
- Loss of control after driving due to blowout or similar event.
- Shifting cargo
- Lane drifting
- Driving off the edge of the road and over correcting
- Driver fatigue
- Objects on the highway and maneuvers to avoid these objects
- Amongst others

Choose an experienced personal injury attorney

Choose an experienced personal injury attorney

When you or a loved on has been involved in an accident involving a truck you need a qualified attorney working on your side to make sure not only the driver, but the owner, lessor and any other party involved is held responsible. These accidents are very time sensitive and hiring an attorney that knows about the process and procedures involved and holding the right parties responsible is key. Attorney Majd Ghanayem and the staff at the MMG Law Firm have had extensive experience in trucking cases and the careful handling, and urgency that come with them. Your case will be personally handled by Mr. Ghanayem from start to finish. Call today to schedule your free consultation.